Tarantella is that music from the wild south of Italy, to which one bitten by the tarantula danced long enough until all the poison was driven out of his body. And songs that immediately go to the heart (and to the legs), songs that tell of freedom and love, are presented by Firma Etno Sound. The musicians from Calabria and Swabia take you on a trip to the tip of the Italian peninsula, carried by a stirring rhythm.

We are:

Davide Grillo

Vocals and Accordion

Piero Grillo

Tambourine and Drums

Martin Zettler



We do:

Whether it's concerts, celebrations, convivial events or busking - our music enchants every occasion.


Martin Zettler

Turmstr. 79

74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen


eMail: info@firma-etno-sound.eu





Firma Etno Sound is multi-national and shows, that ethnical diversities combined create something new and fascinating. Our music conveys the joy of it.